The Collection


Mosaic is a collection of writing surfaces we designed that features thoughtfully placed perforations to lend your ideas tangibility and a life of their own.

These paper products were designed with versatility in mind, striving to elevate the anatomy of your ideas.

This release includes three products – Slate Notebook, Slab Notepad and Planes Blank Cards – that have been thoughtfully crafted using high-quality paper sourced from foundries committed to environmentally sustainable practices and are FSC® certified. 


Perforated blank notebook


The Slate is a notebook that provides a window of opportunity for the unforeseen interaction of your ideas. By bridging your thoughts, it invites the element of chance to colour your perception.

Perforation lines within each page of the notebook allow you to engage with the physicality of the paper and alter your experience – for example, transforming 2 pages into 4 pages just by tearing along the lines.

The Slate’s plain pages are made of two types of high-quality paper of differing colour tones, randomly distributed to facilitate a serendipitous experience, great for note-taking, ideating or just penning down your thoughts. 

160 high-quality plain pages, two-toned 100gsm paper, 140 x 210 x 10mm, saddle-stitched with Deep Navy or Sunny Green softcovers. 


Perforated blank notepad


The Slab is an A5-sized notepad that provides a subtle structure to organise your thoughts. This surface promotes a sense of perspective with the intention of bringing back objectivity.

Perpendicular perforation lines subtly divide each sheet into four parts, giving you the option of using what you need. Tear out a quarter, split the sheet in half or fill up an entire sheet. The versatility of the Slab notepad makes it the perfect desktop companion. 

120 high-quality plain sheets, two-toned 100gsm paper, 210 x 150 x 15mm, comes with a Deep Navy or Sunny Green backing. 


Perforated Blank Cards + The Christmas Series Stickers


Being thoughtful requires effort and sometimes, even the best of us are defeated by our many responsibilities. Planes are a set of five blank bi-folded cards that you can keep handy to bring forth positivity. For the festive season, we have paired them with The Christmas Series Greeting Stickers which comprise of 14 hand-illustrated Christmas-themed stickers.

Tear off a card along the perforation line and embellish them with your imagination. Alternatively, use the whole strip to express yourself. Together with The Christmas Series Greeting Stickers, these cards are a great canvas on which you can communicate your thoughts and emotions to their recipients. Never be caught unprepared again. 

5 high-quality blank bi-fold cards, 240gsm paper, 80 x 120mm & 14 hand-illustrated stickers with Christmas-themed greetings and graphics. 

Where to Buy

Independent Market
Vivo City, #02-63, 1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585

Online store and Naiise's Retail Outlets

Kapok at NDC
111 Middle Road, #01-05, National Design Centre


Design Team

Design Lead: Pallavi Gupta
Team: Afzal Imram, Ruiyin Lin & Chen Shuting