The Thin Teatox


It all started when

The owners of The Thin Tea came to us to design the packaging for their first product, The Thin Teatox. It is an organic tea-based detox programme catering to a youthful female audience looking for a natural and healthy way to enhance the way they look and feel.

Being a product in a pretty competitive space our client was looking for an eye-catching packaging that their young audience can relate to.

The packaging had to lend itself well to social media, as well as hold its ground on the e-commerce shelf. The Thin Teatox had to stand out from what was already in the market, yet not look too different from the product type.


How do we achieve the "Click-Bait" effect offline?


A Panoramic Paradise

Planning ahead for possible new tea products, we wanted the setting and the heroes in our stories to be dynamic. We decided on a range of packaging designs that depict a main character set in a scene. We intended for our work to speak to the target audience as well as relate to the flavour and mood of the product.


A Lead Character

We crafted a persona of a glowing, fun-loving beach-babe, Cosina Cayley. In this scene of a dream beach getaway, she retreats to a remote sunny island looking to be revitalised and rejuvenated.


Colour Exploration

After many rounds of colour exploration that included testing on our client's target audience, the final palette is one that reflects the vibrance and life that our client envisioned for the product.